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Pedro / July 5, 2019

As a customer-facing Solution Architect working for a fast growing SaaS company, meeting with customers and prospects was part of my routine.

Through all the meetings and workshops, it was always a struggle to get everybody’s name and role. Introduction rounds happened too fast, names were hard to transcribe, people got brought in without calendar invitations. It all led to lots of awkwardness, incomplete Salesforce contact lists and missed opportunities.

Existing meeting management apps mostly assume all participants get calendar invitations, which I found to just not be the case.

So I wrote a small web app that uses links and QR codes to let participants easily introduce themselves, using their phones, on the spot. Because participants write their own introductions, they’re guaranteed to be accurate. They can include additional information, they’re easy to share among participants, and are easily referenced at any time.

If you’re in Sales, Customer Success, or meet often with groups of strangers, and you feel like you’re not getting everybody’s contacts and expectations, give QuickIntro a try now. It’s got a long free trial period, and you can download all your data at any time.

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Need an easy way to share contacts and goals in meetings and workshops? QuickIntro is a convenient dashboard offering that and more.

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